Dear D Confessions publishes true anonymous erotic short stories.

Wish List of Contributors

We have decided to “call out” romance writers to request their participation in this project. If your name (or your pen name) appears on this list it’s because we want YOUR stories; your personal erotic confessions, since that’s what we publish.  These are quick 3-10k stories that you don’t have to research or plot or even outline. Just speak from the heart and open your memory.  There’s a link at the bottom of the page for more information. Continue reading “Wish List of Contributors”

For Readers

Dear D Confessions brings you true, anonymous confessions from real authors and some badass amateurs.

Reality is always more interesting than fiction and Dear D Confessions brings you well-written erotica from popular authors in every genre. This is the stuff they’re too shy to print themselves, even with a pen name.  Dear D Confessions are true, anonymous erotic stories from the lives of real authors and a few lucky amateurs. Continue reading “For Readers”

For Authors

We all have personal stories we don’t dare publish under our real name or even our pen name.  As writers, these stories sometimes live in secret journal files, on handwritten pages or elsewhere to die with us when our journey is over.  But sometimes these are the best stories. Clear your conscience. Tell Your story. Never get caught. Continue reading “For Authors”