Together, we are stronger

As a romance author, I value my friendship with other writers above all else. These women are my soul sisters, they dream in details, remember in chapters and fantasize in trilogies. We write for our readers, except in private.

I came to realize that some of our private thoughts are profoundly more interesting than anything we were “making up.”

I wanted to create a publishing outlet for professional authors to share their darkest, most real erotic stories. As a reader, it’s the true stories that were always most interesting to me. I remember skipping past the photos in porn magazines as a teenager to read the readers’ confessions. Knowing that something was real made it more of a turn-on.

I created Dear D Confessions after reading the erotic confession of one of my fellow romance writers. We discussed the idea of each publishing one another’s confessions, in order to further the anonymity but nobody’s pen name would fit this genre. Instead, we came up with “Dear D” (which could be short for dear diary or for a very special… euphemism.

Tomorrow we’re publishing volume 1. Join us…

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