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We all have personal stories we don’t dare publish under our real name or even our pen name.  As writers, these stories sometimes live in secret journal files, on handwritten pages or elsewhere to die with us when our journey is over.  But sometimes these are the best stories. Clear your conscience. Tell Your story. Never get caught.
Professional Authors are welcome to submit manuscripts for anonymous consideration.  Leave a comment (it will never be published) to subscribed to our Authors Newsletter if you’re not ready to confess just yet.

What We Offer:


We guarantee that your real identity, pen names and other identifying information will never be shared with anyone. Ever.


Authors are paid $50 upon publication.


Published Authors are invited to a secret Facebook group for private communication about the behind-the-scenes operations of Dear D Confessions. Here, amateur submissions are shared for group feedback and authors can network, sharing marketing tips and ideas, and whatever else authors discuss in secrecy. This group is moderated and close-knit.


For one year, we will retweet all of your new releases.

What we Require

Authors wanting to be considered for publication must meet ONE of the following qualifications:

  • Authors must have at least 5 titles currently available on any digital publishing platform
  • Have re-tweeted each one of our tweets (only the ones linking to our site) for a period of two months
  • Have spent $50 advertising our site on Facebook
  • Show proof of completion in any online course in each category (marketing, publishing, writing and story development)
  • Be invited via our Wish List
  • Follow our Amateur Guidelines

All submissions must be sent via email to with the subject line “New Submission” and include all of the following:

  • A shorter-than-usual blurb of three sentences, written in the following format “I was___. (S)he was____. We _____.”
  • A 3,000-10,000 word manuscript cleansed of actual names and dirtied with the raw truth in .txt format

Upon acceptance, in order to be paid, we will send you the following forms which need to be returned before publication.  Our current lead time is 60 days. (Stories accepted in Dec 2016 will be published in Feb 2017- Accepted authors will see us promoting their other work upon acceptance, not upon publication)

  • A signed pdf of our Non-Disclosure Agreement, Transfer of Copyright and Payment Agreement (These files will be uploaded soon, it’s been a whirlwind.  don’t submit yet, OK)



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