Wish List of Contributors

We have decided to “call out” romance writers to request their participation in this project. If your name (or your pen name) appears on this list it’s because we want YOUR stories; your personal erotic confessions, since that’s what we publish.  These are quick 3-10k stories that you don’t have to research or plot or even outline. Just speak from the heart and open your memory.  There’s a link at the bottom of the page for more information.

When your name is added to our wish list, you have 60 days to send us your story for guaranteed publication.  Names will be removed from this list every 60 days. Our first 300 names are alphabetical. After that we’ll randomly order them to maintain the anonymity of the authors who have contributed.

Added to wish list on 12-13-16

a Lady
Adriana Locke
AG Riddle
Alexis Riley
Alice Coldbreath
Alisa Woods
Alissa Johnson
Amanda Bouchet
Amanda Mariel
Amanda McCabe

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If your name is on this list you automatically qualify.